Line dance Christmas Party 2018

Line dance Christmas Party 2018
Dancers at the Christmas party (a few got away before we took the photo)

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dances for Spring Break Week

Yes, we are having class this week! 
Cliff Nelson Rec Center
Tuesday, March 12

1 pm Beginner
Texas Time -
K is for Kicks -
Keep It Simple -
Rest of My Life -

2 pm HiBeginner/Improver
If I Back It Up - Ira & Raymond
Sangria Time - Pat Stott
Sweet Caroline - Darren Bailey
Senorita Tu - Ira Weisburd
Right Now - Neils Poulsen
Get it Right - Maddison Glover

Thursday, March 14

1 pm Improver
Holiday Time - Neils Poulsen
Reason to Stay - Darren Bailey
Wave on Wave - Alan Birchall
Bud Light Blue - Darren Bailey
Music to My Eyes - Derek Steele & Simon Ward

2 pm Intermediate
Tai-Want Love - Debbie Rushton & Simon Ward
Diggin' - Amy Glass
Just a Phase - Fred & Maddison
Dance With Me Tonight - Peter & Allison

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