Royal Caribbean Line Dance Cruise

Royal Caribbean Line Dance Cruise
Fun with our great waiters in the dining room on the RC Liberty of the Seas

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Line Dance Surprise On Friday!

Hello fellow line dancers! Line dance will be held this Friday, June 19 from 11AM-1PM at Bob Duncan Center, 2800 S Center Street in Vandergriff Park. 

We will have a fabulous guest with us - Judy! She will teach us a new dance, so you won't want to miss it! It will also be a chance for us all to bid her adieu as she and her husband begin their next adventure in Spokane. 

Beginner Line Dance 11AM-12PM  Names attached to dances are the choreographers 

  • "Mystery Dance" - new teach by Judy

         Walk-throughs and dance:
  • Beautiful Goodbye - A send-off to Judy! Michael Barr
  • Texas Time -  Lene Mainz Pedersen
  • Good Feelings -  Fred Whitehouse
  • As Long As U Love Me - Ira Weisburd
  • Keep It Simple - Maggie Gallagher

 Improver/Intermediate 12PM-1PM

        Walk-throughs and dance:
  • Codigo - Pat Stott
  • Lonely Blues - Rachael McEnaney-White
  • Sucker - Julia Wetzel

          New and Reviews:
  • Five Hundred - Ole Jacobson/New Teach by Catherine
  • Needs and Wants - Heather Barton/New Teach by Catherine
  • Drinking Problem - Darren Bailey/Review by Connie
  • As Long As U Love Me, 64 count - Ira Weisburd/ Review by Connie
  • Homegrown - Rachael McEnaney/Teach by Connie

        Do we need more??

  • Homesick Heart - Maddison Glover
  • Pontoon - Gail Smith

Whew, well now I am tired! See you all on Friday -

Pam Kloepfer

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