Royal Caribbean Line Dance Cruise

Royal Caribbean Line Dance Cruise
Fun with our great waiters in the dining room on the RC Liberty of the Seas

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Thank you Arlington line dancers!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post my thanks. I finally found the pink
envelope and all of the beautiful notes and wishes from all of you. I was over-
whelmed by your generosity of cards, gifts, $ and personal notes. The cupcakes
were great too! I miss you all so much,but am enjoying the weather,  the beautiful
surroundings and especially being with family.

There are places to line dance here, but they are still shut down due to Covid. We
have been busy getting settled in, but now it is starting to feel like home and we
can start to think of other things.  Today I climbed a tall ladder and picked 10
pounds of fresh apricots off of a tree at the Greenbluff, so now I will need to make
some pies or preserves. We also stopped at Fleur de Provence lavender farm
and cut a big bunch of lavender. So there is a lot to do outdoors in the summer
here. Tomorrow I plan to take my bicycle out on a trail. If I can't dance, I will

I am so happy that you are keeping the group going.  I hear Catherine is doing a
great job teaching as I knew she would. Thank you Catherine! Thanks Pam for
taking over the blog, And thanks to Cyndi, Mary Pat, Connie for helping lead
dances, and all of you for doing your part to keep line dance alive in Arlington.
When Covid is over, I will be back to go with you to an event like in the old days.

Thanks again for the Beautiful Goodbye. I miss you all. God bless! 💃Love, Judy

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