Royal Caribbean Line Dance Cruise

Royal Caribbean Line Dance Cruise
Fun with our great waiters in the dining room on the RC Liberty of the Seas

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

 Hello Line Dancers,

I got a call from Jheron Thompson at Cliff Nelson Rec Center. 

He asked me to tell you all that they very much want to continue 

line dancing at Cliff Nelson. He said they are trying to find 

someone who will teach the classes. If you are willing to teach 

or know someone who might be, please let him know. His email 

is .

We are enjoying our new home, meeting neighbors at a social 

distance, enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather, and 

especially being near our kids and grandkids. We are still in 

phase 2 and no group activities. Senior Center and Western 

Dance Center are still closed.  I miss you all and dancing 

together. We will dance again someday at an event when 

the virus burns itself out or we have a vaccine. Until then, 

stay safe and healthy!

Your forever friend and fellow dancer, Judy

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Grand Finale!

Hello Fellow Line Dancers! We had a nice turn-out today for our final class at Bob Duncan Center! 

I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say a great big THANK YOU to our tireless line dance leaders! We can imagine all of the effort and time involved that went into your planning. So thank you 💖:

Catherine    Cyndi    Connie    Mary Pat    and     Walter!

There are line dance classes at the Y on S Cooper St where some of our members are already going. Also, on there is a bullet on the right hand side that says Line Dancing In Dallas; however, I do not know how up to date that is. 

With that, I will bid everyone adieu for now. Thank you to Judy for allowing me access to her blog so we could maintain our communication. Stay happy and healthy and keep on dancing - somewhere! 

Pam Kloepfer

au revoir!    auf wiedersehen!     ciao!    adios!     How to say "goodbye" in chinese (mandarin)/Chinese Easy ...

                                                                            (yeah, had to copy and 

                                                                                        paste that one!😂)

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

BIG News!

 Hi Everyone - well... as Judy has said before... all good things must come to an end. This Friday will be our last line dance class at Bob Duncan Center! If they hire a line dance teacher, we may have classes again at Cliff Nelson. There are other options available for line dancing such as the Y, which will be discussed further on Friday. For now.... class will be from 11AM - 1PM at Bob Duncan Center, 2800 S Center St in Vandergriff Park. EVERYONE COME so we can all enjoy a last class of dancing together!

Beginner 11AM - 12PM

Review & Dance

1. Come Dance with Me - Jo Thompson

2. 1159 - Rachael McEnaney-White

New Teach by Walter


3. Squeeze me, Tease me, Please me - Ira Weisburd

Review & Dance

4. Bosa Nova - Phil Dennington

5. Crystal Touch - Claire Bell & Maddison Glover

6. Keep it Simple - Maggie Gallagher

7. World for Two - Gary O-Reilly

8. Little Red Book - oldie but goodie!! - Dee Musk

Improver 12PM - 1PM

New Teach by Walter

1. Beguiled Waltz - Sherry Kemp

Review & Dance

2. Wave on Wave - Allen G Birchall 

3. Summer Sway - Cody Flowers

4. Simplemente - Kate Sala

5. Needs & Wants - Heather Barton & Lee Hamilton

6. One of Them Girls - Marianne Langagne

7. What a Man Gotta Do - Julia Wetzel

See everybody on Friday!

Pam Kloepfer

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Friday Line Dance List

Hi everyone! Come and dance on Friday! The time is 11AM-1PM and the place is Bob Duncan Center, 2800 S Center Street, in Vandergriff Park. All dance videos are on Youtube and the step sheets can be found at

Thanks again to our line dance leaders Catherine, Cyndi, Connie, Walter, and Mary Pat! If you have a request for next week, let any of our dance leaders know!

Beginner 11Am -12PM

Come Dance with Me - Jo Thompson 

Review & Dance

1159 - Rachael McEnaney-White

Bosa Nova - Phil Dennington

New Teach

Crystal Touch - Claire Bell & Maddison Glover 

Review & Dance

Pocket of Hearts - Maggie Gallagher

Train Swing - Niels Poulsen

Improver 12PM - 1PM

Review & Dance

Wave on Wave - Alan G. Birchall

Summer Sway - Cody Flowers

O Sole Mio - Duma Kristina

What We Gonna Do - Maya

What a Man Gotta Do - Julie Wetzel

New Teach

Simplemente - Kate Sala

See everybody Friday! 

Pam Kloepfer