H.O.T. Texas Luau Party

H.O.T. Texas Luau Party
Our table at the H.O.T. Texas Luau Party

Kickin' MIneola 2019 Dance List

Kickin' Mineola - September 2019
A Better Man - Kim Ray
A Double Whiskey - Gary O'Reilly
A Little Midland - Yvonne Anderson
Back to Life Waltz - April Coady
Blessed - Jackie Miranda
Blood Sweat and Beer - Karl-Harry Winson
Brokenhearted - Gary Lafferty
Clueless - Daniel Whittaker & Tina Argyle
Codigo - Pat Stott
Crystal Blue - Rob Fowler
Dig  Deep - Tina Argyle &Hayley Wheatley
Good Vibes - Fred Whitehouse
High Class White Trash - Kate Sala
Holiday Time - Neils Poulsen
Homesick Heart - Maddison Glover
I Think I Found Love - Neville & Julie
If I Back It Up - Ira & Raymond
Innocent Bystander - Gaye Teather
Keep It Simple - Maggie Gallagher
Kiss of Heaven - Neils Poulsen
Lento - Ira & Raymond
Leave a Trace - Jose Miguel BV
A Little Country Race - Neils Poulsen
Lonely Blues - Rachel MbEnaney White
Mi Mala - Ria Vos
Music to My Eyes - Derek Steele & Simon Ward
Off the Beaten Track - Gart O'Reilly
Oh Me Oh My Oh - Rob Fowler
Rebel Amor  - Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos
Right Now - Neils Poulsen
Sangria Time - Pat Stott
Small Town Summer - Karl-Harry Winson
Sucker - Julia Wetzel
Texas Time - Lene Mainz Pedersen
Thank You - Tina Argyle
These Old Boots - Rob Fowler
This Is It - Dee Musk
Troubadour - Karl-Harry Winson
Waltz Across Texas - Lois & John Nielson
Yes M'am, No M'am - Ria Vos

Open Dances
Celtic Duo - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Champagne Promise - Tina Argyle
Get It Right - Maddison Glover
Groovy Love - Fed, Daniel & Jonas
I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace
Lonely Drum - Darren Mitchell
Pull You Through - Maddison Glover & Jo TS
Strip It Down - Rachel McEnaney White
Take Me to the River - Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren
Whiskey Bridges - Maddison

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